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South Korea Dedicated Server

Onlive Server offers affordable dedicated servers for Korean hosting. Their Korean data center can provide reliable service to your local Korean audience. South Korea Dedicated Server offers many value-added services and has 24/7 support staff that are ready to help you get up and running. Their website is also available in multiple languages including English, Chinese, and Japanese. If you’re looking for a more localized experience, give them a try today! Your business may be based elsewhere but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take advantage of local traffic sources.

Many people will look for businesses in their area, rather than ones far away, especially if those businesses are offering a product or service they need right now. Local traffic often means more targeted traffic as well because it has been shown that people prefer to buy from brands they know, like, and trust when buying online.

South Korea Dedicated Server with the best features

South Korea is a great location for your dedicated server. Whether you are offering services like e-commerce, website hosting, or anything that relies on solid network infrastructure, you need to choose one of our dedicated servers with dedicated IP and optimized bandwidth. With 3Gbps connectivity and plans starting at just $89/month, Onlive Server is an economical choice for businesses of all sizes seeking reliable hosting solutions with features that matter most. Get started today! Our simple order process and 24/7 support team make it easy to set up your new server within minutes. Enjoy high-performance hosting with unbeatable uptime.

We have built our reputation by providing customers with top-quality service and support. We strive to offer affordable prices while maintaining superior customer satisfaction ratings. If you’re looking for a provider who can deliver what they promise, look no further than Onlive Server! Contact us today for more information about how we can help grow your business.

High-quality Bandwidth

Onlive Server offers several bandwidth options, so you can choose a plan that fits your needs. Onlive also provides hosting with high-quality bandwidth so that you don’t have to worry about slow or dropped connections. If your business relies on fast connections, or if you need your site to be running 24/7, then a dedicated server is worth considering. These servers will be hosted at some of Onlive Server’s premier data centers around the world.

You’ll get full control over your server and all its resources, which means you won’t have to share it with anyone else. The security features offered by these servers are top-notch as well. In addition to physical security and surveillance systems, Onlive uses firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS) for network protection against malware and unauthorized access attempts. This means you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe from hackers and other malicious threats.

Advantages of South Korea Dedicated Server

South Korea Dedicated server is custom-built to meet the specific needs of a business. These high-end computers support large amounts of traffic and can host multiples sites, such as an e-commerce site, content management system (CMS), or a custom web application. A Cheap Dedicated server comes with root access so that server administrators can perform all types of administrative tasks. You can optimize your hardware configuration by choosing only those options you need.

If you don’t require additional services like backup power, for example, then you don’t have to pay for them. This is one reason why dedicated servers are more cost-effective than shared hosting plans. They offer better performance than other hosting solutions. They also boast fast speeds because there’s no contention from other websites hosted on the same machine. Cheap Dedicated Server South Korea The downside of a dedicated server is that it requires more technical knowledge to set up and maintain compared to other solutions.


Onlive Server is a South Korean dedicated server hosting service provider. They offer Windows and Linux platform services, for both of which they use SSD storage devices. Their network offers data centers in the USA, France, the UK, Hong Kong, and South Korea. They are providing DDOS-Protection Services and offer 100% Unmetered network traffic to all of their clients without having any traffic overage charges.

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