About NextraHost

NextraHost is one of the fastest growing companies in the web hosting industry. You don’t have to go searching anywhere for finding a reliable web hosting partner because we have crafted web hosting solutions that can fill the void left by others in the market. Our journey is driven by passionate leaders and backed by extremely talented professionals. We are committed to providing the best web hosting solution in India and overseas.

Our Idea

So our Company was born with an above idea. We Started small but with a big idea. Starting with just a reseller of a larger Web Hosting company, we set about shaking the industry up. By the end of our first year, we had grown from the simple reseller hosting account to running three of our own dedicated servers.

Our Object

We had almost 1800+ clients already and we are developing a reputation for affordable & Best quality Service at a very affordable pricing.And we’re continuing to grow each day and every day in the future where ever we are ,One thing that remains clear – no matter how much we grow we stick to our original objective.

NextraHost was bootstrapped in 2019 and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since. We had a simple idea to let you create a website for FREE. With no-limits PHP, MySQL, cPanel & no ads – complete freedom to express yourself online.
Whether you need help or just want some tips on where to start: hit up our experts anytime.

Our Great Story

We provide a world class website hosting platform to over 1.23 million users in 178 countries. We have developed a powerful technology to help you learn, create and grow.
We believe that web hosting should be fast, reliable, simple and affordable. We have started this web hosting venture to support the ever growing online business and meet the expectations of business users at an affordable price.
You will get 100% uptime,We just don’t say it, we proved it that we are the best always.

Each and every individual Client of NextraHost is part of our success and we happy to serve such a great service to them.

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